Kylie Jenner (24) has come under considerable fire after she has been silent after the dramatic performance by her beloved Travis Scott (30) in which nine people were killed. The reality star only responded via Instagram Stories, but then it remained silent. Fans find it unsaleable that she is silent and threaten to cancel her. This reports ‘The Sun’.

“How can you keep quiet, but promote every mascara or lip gloss when it suits you?”

‚ÄúTravis and I are devastated. My thoughts and prayers are with the people who have lost their lives or were injured and with Travis because I know how much he cares about his fans and his community in Houston,” Kylie said . The 24-year-old, who is pregnant with her second child with the rapper, has not given any sign of life on social media since that message, where she is normally active on a daily basis. And that doesn’t sit well with her followers.

‘I unfollowed you. How can you keep quiet, but promote every mascara or lip gloss when it suits you? Because you make money from it. But when it comes to really important matters, keep quiet so as not to ruin your reputation. Well girl, she messed up on this one because you didn’t say anything,” writes one furious fan.

Another says: ‘Everyone needs to stop buying her products because the only way the Kardashian-Jenner family feels anything is when it’s in their wallet. These people only think about money and their image. But people have died here!! And what does Kylie do? It sends thoughts and prayers … no, that really helps us. I’m so ready to cancel her.’