Two angry fans of Ana de Armas have sued film studio Universal. They demand 5 million dollars (more than 4.4 million euros), because they feel cheated, American media report . The actress was seen in the trailer for the film Yesterday , but did not make the final editing of the modest hit.


Yesterday is about a musician (Himesh Patel) who is suddenly the only one in the world who knows the music of The Beatles. With the hits of John, Paul, George and Ringo, he becomes a world star.

De Armas played a potential flirt of the singer. The scene with the 33-year-old actress, now known from Knives Out and the Bond film No Time To Die , was shot before she broke through to the general public.

Screenwriter Richard Curtis previously explained that the scene with the actress was removed because the test audience had negative reactions to it. They didn’t like that the musician was flirting with a character other than the female lead (played by Lily James).

The two fans say they paid $3.99 to see De Armas in the film, but they were disappointed. They accuse Universal of cheating with the “misleading trailer”. They are demanding the $5 million “on behalf of all affected consumers”