It seems that Bethesda wants to emancipate itself from the Steam platform!

PC players know it only too well. The release of a game on this platform often rhymes with availability on Steam. On the side of Bethesda, this is the case of Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas or Fallout 4. But it seems that for the next episode of the post-apocalyptic saga, this is not the case. And for good reason: the studio has announced that Fallout 76 will simply not be available on Steam. It will be necessary to pass directly by the site of Bethesda to obtain it, to play there … A decision which puts aside a player of the middle, Steam, who always distributed the game stamped of the studio which built his career on TES.

Steam and Fallout 76 will not be friends

In any case, that seems to explain Bethesda. And for good reason: Fallout 76, multiplayer version of the famous post-apocalyptic license usually focusing on the solo experience, will not be available on Steam. It will have to go through to get it – with an exit, as a reminder, on November 14th. The beta will take place in October. Faced with its power of striking, Bethesda seems to emancipate from Steam in the distribution of its games: a situation that is reminiscent of another giant, recent, middle.


And for good reason: Epic Games, developer of Fortnite, goes through his own launcher on PC. But that’s not all because the game will not be available on the Play Store in its Android version but only the site of the studio. A way to get all the money in the pocket and rely on his exposure to bring players directly to his home, without going through a third party application.