The social network has decided to open a Chinese subsidiary to make a small place in the Chinese market.

Accessing the Chinese technology market when you are a foreign company is sometimes complicated. On the side of social networks, the US Facebook is simply blocked while solutions still exist to access the services of the giant. So how does Mark Zuckerberg’s platform intend to conquer the Chinese market that already uses its own social networks. By opening a subsidiary in China! It remains to be seen if Facebook will succeed in showing off and show that yes, the country can welcome it without risk. At the time of the many scandals surrounding the service of Mark Zuckerberg, the task will be heavy.

Facebook is trying to make its way to China

It is Facebook himself who announced the creation of a Chinese subsidiary that will concentrate its efforts on computer networks and technology consulting. A way for the American giant to find a place in a market that blocks its social network, yet one of the largest in the world. Of course, this subsidiary of Facebook does not bear his name but Lianshu Science & Technology and has existed since July 18 – its creation will therefore strengthen ties with the Chinese government. Note that the company has a capital of 30 million dollars (just that).

With two billion users, not to mention those of his little colt Instagram, the opening of Facebook in the Chinese market seems more than logical. One could imagine a strong expansion if the Chinese government accepted to welcome the social network at home and thus to benefit its population, very large, and whose interest in new technologies is present.