Facebook is embarking on hardware. After Portal, the American giant would work on a camera that would be placed on the TV. For video calls, of course, but also streaming.

Facebook seems not to have finished with the hardware market. Shortly after launching his Portal devices for video calls, the giant Menlo Park is currently designing a camera that would be attached to the TV. What greatly simplify video calls, taking advantage of the largest screen of the house. The device could also allow direct streaming of Facebook Watch content.

Facebook develops a camera to place above the TV

This camera, obviously equipped with a camera, should take place above a TV and allow to make and receive video calls and access to Facebook Watch, the platform dedicated to the video content of the giant. According to the report, the project would use the same technology as the Portal device. An artificial intelligence would detect and track the participants of calls automatically as they move in the field of view.

For now, Facebook has not communicated about such a device. According to the report, the company would consider launching this product next spring but it is still in the development phase, the schedule could be changed.

Few details for the moment about this product

No information either, at the moment, concerning the tariff. This should, in any case, allow Facebook to gain more foothold in this market currently dominated by Amazon, Roku and Google with very affordable streaming products. That of Facebook would, in addition, to make video calls …