Among the measures that will be introduced, a function that will suggest to teenagers to take a break from the application in case of having used it for a long period stands out, as well as a warning for watching inappropriate content for minors.

Facebook announced this Sunday its plans to introduce new security measures on its platforms, after last September Frances Haugen, former product manager of the technology giant, told  the US Senate that, if the company does not implement more efficient measures to That his social networks (particularly Instagram) are more secure, is because he prefers to put “astronomical profits before people”. 

According to reports  from the AP agency, Nick Clegg, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, announced in interviews with various US media that the firm will introduce new functions on Instagram, including suggesting that teenagers take a break in case of spending a lot of time on the platform, as well as sending a warning to minors if they repeatedly watch the same content that is not appropriate for their age.

According to the executive, the company has invested nearly 13,000 million dollars in recent years to guarantee the security of the platform’s users, a task in charge of some 40,000 people who work in this area. “We are constantly innovating to improve our products […] to make them as safe and enjoyable to use” as possible, he said during CNN’s ‘State of the Union’ program.

As for the accusations made by Haugen about the use of computer algorithms that facilitated the spread of disinformation after the last electoral process in the US (which in turn contributed to the riots that ended in the assault on the US Capitol). On January 6), Clegg pointed out that if Facebook were to remove them, people would see more hate speech and there would be more disinformation circulating, since they function as “gigantic ‘spam’ filters.”

Previously, in response to testimony from the firm’s former manager, the social media giant claimed that it has taken all possible measures to remove harmful content, including banning hundreds of “militarized social movements” and “tens of thousands of QAnon Pages, Groups and Accounts “. The company also insisted that it works closely with law enforcement to bring those responsible for the violent protests in Washington to justice.