Ezra Miller, known from Fantastic Beasts and soon as superhero The Flash, would have been drunk by an unknown director and producer when he was a minor.

 “They asked me if I wanted to play in their film about gay revolution,” says Miller on Wednesday to The Hollywood Reporter.  “And I said no, you are monsters.”

Miller says he is happy that sexual violence is being tackled nowadays, even if the person who attacked him is still successful according to him. “We all knew it was unacceptable when we went through it, that’s how Hollywood is, I thought we were all sex workers.”


The 26-year-old actor also talks about his sexual orientation and why he thinks the term queer is important. “To put it that way, I do not identify me, fuck it … Queer means no, I do not do that, I do not identify myself as a man, not as a woman and I barely identify myself as a human being.”