If he is serious about running for the US presidency, American rapper and fashion designer Kanye West will need to overcome great difficulties organizing his campaign 4 months before the elections in November.

West, who announced on Saturday his candidacy for the elections, will have to work faster to put his name on the ballot list alongside incumbent President Donald Trump, Republican Party candidate, and Joe Biden, the presumed Democrat candidate.

James McCann, a political expert at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, said, “The famous singer can get support from a smaller political party, and if he doesn’t get the support of one of the parties the other option will be to compete as an independent candidate.”

It is noteworthy that the deadlines for registration in this capacity ended in a number of states, including New Mexico and North Carolina, which is witnessing strong competition.

His candidacy as an independent requires the formation of an auxiliary team or a volunteer team to collect tens of thousands of signatures quickly from across the country before closing other registration deadlines in August and September, on a mission that has now become more difficult due to the outbreak of the Corona Virus pandemic.

It was not clear whether West, the husband of reality TV star Kim Kardashian, has submitted any official papers to join the candidate list.