The couple filed for divorce in 2018 and only now settled all property and financial issues.

Ewan McGregor and Yves Mavrakis, with whom he was married for 22 years, finally divorced, reports The Blast. The divorce process took two whole years and required the settlement of a number of issues relating to child custody, property and finances.

McGregor cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce. Ewan and Eve raised two siblings and two adoptive daughters together. During the divorce, the actor tried to secure custody of the three youngest daughters, and Yves opposed him and wanted to pick up all four heirs, leaving her father the right to see them. Also, Mavrakis tried to increase the amount of alimony for McGregor. On what the former couple agreed is unknown.

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Ewan now has a relationship with actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead. A couple of months ago, lovers were seen walking in New York – they held hands and kissed. Similar romantic shots are rare for McGregor and Winstead.

A local newspaper reporter noted that at that moment, the actors “felt at ease” and “seemed to be very well together.”

The way she hugged him when they got off the trailer and chatted with someone on the team was very sweet. Then they held hands and didn’t let each other go for 15 minutes, until they got into the car,

– said the journalist.