Studio Disney presented the debut teaser of the promising game remake of the cartoon “Mulan”. A minute and a half movie gives viewers the opportunity to evaluate both the main character and the minor characters, and also hints that there will be a lot of changes for fans of the original.

Whether fans like it or not, everything has already been decided. Judging by the teaser, the new Mulan already has certain skills in combat and is well controlled with the sword, unlike the animated heroine. Also, excerpts from the battle scenes demonstrate that she will not just take part in the war and will make a treasure in victory with the help of ingenuity, but will fight with enemies on a par with men.

But the change that will not appeal to any fan of the original cartoon – a replacement for the dragon Mush on the phoenix. In the teaser, the creators did not show either one or the other, so viewers need to wait for confirmation of this information in the extended trailers.

For the formulation of the film is the director of the film “The Wife of the Zookeeper” Niki Caro. The role of Mulan is performed by Liu Yifei. The company will be composed of Jet Li, Donnie Yen, Jason Scott Lee and others.

The film will premiere on March 25, 2020.