The actress, 42, married last year with Mexican executive José Bastón

Eva Longoria is pregnant. The 42-year-old actress announced the expected news on Tuesday through her representative, who confirmed that she is already in her fourth month of pregnancy and that her first child will be a child. Longoria married for the third time in May 2016 with Mexican José Antonio Bastón, 49 years old and Televisa executive, who already has three other children from a previous marriage.

The possibility of a pregnancy had been around the gossip of the pink press during the last months. The actress had declared happy in his role as the mother of the three children of his current partner. “It’s being a gift for both of us. I do not think we’re missing anything because we do not have a baby of ours, “he told People magazine recently.

The actress at the same time had been leaving clues in other statements. “If it happens, it happens. If it came true, it would be a blessing, “he told Ocean Drive magazine last year. In 2015, shortly after announcing his commitment to Bastón, he also flirted with the idea: “I have just turned 40 and I am beginning to think: ‘Is my time running out? Maybe I should start thinking about children but the truth is that I feel that my life is full. ‘”

The actress, born in Texas, was married to actor Tyler Christopher, and basketball player Tony Parker, star of the NBA. Before his current relationship, he left with Eduardo Cruz, Penelope Cruz’s brother. Bastón is divorced from the Mexican actress Natalia Esperón, with whom he had three children.