Eva Longoria has started thinking like a man to get the green light to direct her film Flamin ‘Hot . The actress tells The Sun that she acted as a privileged man in the conversation in which she tried to sell her movie idea.

Longoria practiced the conversation with Desperate Housewives producer Brian Tanen, who advised her to be less submissive. “When I did my pitch for him, he immediately said that I shouldn’t ask if I could do the movie,” she says.

“He advised me to walk into the room like a privileged man.” Pretend that movie is yours, you are going to direct it and tell how you are going to do the casting and how you want to shoot the movie, “he advised. gave me. “

This brought Longoria to different insights. “I’m not a man and I’m not white, so I never thought about doing it like that. It changed all the sentences that came out of my mouth. As women, we often act meekly and want to be accommodating.”

The film Flamin ‘Hot tells the true story of Richard Montanez, who worked as a janitor and came up with the idea for the snack Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, making him a successful businessman.

Longoria broke through as an actress worldwide thanks to her starring role in the series Desperate Housewives . She has also starred in such films as The Sentinel and Harsh Times .