The legacy of Michael Jackson and record company Sony have won a lawsuit about whether Michael Jackson was actually heard on three tracks on the album Michael that was released after his death. 


Michael Jackson fan Vera Serova filed the lawsuit because she thinks Jackson is not really heard. It would be another singer, according to the fan. 

It concerns the numbers  Monster, Keep Your Head Up and Breaking News. The songs would have been recorded by an impersonator. 

The judge has ruled that the interest for fans and the commercial interest is too great and that therefore he can not make a statement in the case. 

The lawyers of Michael Jackson’s estate responded with delight to the statement: “We won in all respects.”

Serova complained to Jackson’s friends Eddie Cascio, James Victor Porte and their production company, a lawsuit that is still ongoing. Cascio and Porte claim that the songs were recorded in 2007.