2nd part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion Special on Wednesday brought Erika Jayne on the hot seat again.

This new second part of four part reunion started from where last week’s part ended where Andy Cohen discussed Erika Jayne’s allegations that Tom Girardi her estragned husband was unfaithful, and Cohed asked if she’d stayed faithful to him during thier marriage.

Jayne replied after a long thoughfully dramatic pause saying ” Up until I filed for divorce, Yeah,”.
Secenes from the past Six Seasons of Erika Jayne’s time on the show were rewatched by the Cohen and Castmates, where Jayne routinely spoke about their relationship was going well.

It was asked by Cohen from Jayne to address Comments of the viewers who accused her of being “a liar” as she presented that different image of her relathionship with Girardi.

Jayne replied saying “All marriages are complex. People are complex,…. “There were good times, there were bad times. You’re talking about two decades of a marriage. So, no one’s marriage is perfect.”.. she further added “I think that I highlighted the best of him.”

Erika Girardi and Thomas Girardi attend The Sherman Brothers Disney Music – The 7th Annual Concert Extraordinaire – Los Angeles Lawyers Philharmonic on June 18, 2016 at Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, USA. (Photo by Steve Eichner) *** Please Use Credit from Credit Field ***

Jayne faced tough questions and was forced by RHOBH teammates and Cohen to answer, question also includes why she stayed in the relationship for so long as she did instead of leaving.

Jayned stated answering “I was not in control of my finances. I walk out with two credit cards, they get cut. Am I gonna call you?”

“I know what you make on this show. It ain’t bad,” Cohen responded, to which Jayne claimed, “I gave every paycheck to my husband.”

This statment left her castmates stunned as it was said by Kyle Richards that “Sounds crazy to me,” and Garcelle Beauvais asked “Since you’ve been making money?”

“Yes. I’ve handed every paycheck I’ve ever made, over,” Jayne stated.

Jayne chose her words cafully and explain how thier relationship began when she was asked if she felt as if she was held captive financially by Girardi.

She explained saying “I’ll say this — I was 27 when I went in. He was 60. The power balance is way out of whack,” she explained. “I trusted this man. All of my finances were kept down at the firm, and everything was kept there.”

It was also explained by Erika Jayne’s that one reason she didn’t leave sooner was that she knew that if they got divorced she would get half of his money but would also be hook for half of his debts. she further claimed that he was not aware of how serious his financial and legal tourbles really were.

Jayne said further “There was no talking to this person. Trying to get him to answer my questions, getting shut out completely. Anger, personality changes,”
Jayne furhter said on condition of him saying “And you can see now, the man is in a home, he’s in a memory care facility. We’ve all seen the pictures of him with a black eye. We’ve seen how disheveled and how absolutely horrible he has deteriorated since I left in November.”

“So, what I have been saying is true. It’s not unusual in Tom’s business for him to be sued. But when Erika Girardi started ending up on lawsuits, that’s when my ears were pricked,” she added.

Jayne also answered questions of the viewers, presented by Cohen and she shared additional insights to the situation of her marriage and her legal woes.

It was also claimed by Erika Jayne about the Girardi alleged affairs during thier 22 year of marriage and it also includes the women who she foudn out about the day she decided to leave him.
“I went through his phone and she had sent a picture of her ts, and he has a flip-phone, you know? So I responded, ‘Nice ts, stupid b**ch.’ But I couldn’t even figure out how to put a space so it was, like, a run-on sentence!” Jayne recalled with a laugh.