More than a year has passed since it became known about the separation of Jennifer Meyer and Tobey Maguire. Each of them now has a personal life, but they are still united by children: the 11-year-old daughter of Ruby and the eight-year-old son Otis. According to Meyer, she and Maguire managed to maintain good relations after the break.

He is the most beautiful ex-husband that only a girl can have. He’s my best friend,
“Jennifer said.


She and Toby completed the divorce proceedings last year. According to the designer of jewelry, for many years their day began with cares for children and ended the same way.

The day began with the children and ended with them. They are really wonderful children, so we’ll figure it out,
“Meyer said.

Announcing the separation in October 2016, Toby and Jennifer called their main priority “the upbringing of children in an atmosphere of mutual love and respect.”