Actress Emma Thompson, according to insiders, is busy with the editing of the horror script Harrow’s Alley, which was originally written in the 1960s but was never made into a film.


The script was written by Walter Newman, who has been nominated three times for an Oscar for his work as scriptwriter.

The story of Harrow’s Alley revolves around two men who try to survive the black plague in a British town in the seventeenth century, an epidemic disease that killed millions of people.

In view of the heavy subject and the high budget needed to realize the filming, no film or television version was ever made. Newman, who died in 1993, said about the story that it was “the highlight in his career”.

Bridget Jones

According to Deadline, Thompson would now be editing the script into a series and HBO would have shown interest in bringing the thriller on the screen.

The actress, known for roles in Harry Potter and Love Actually, has also co-written a well-known films such as Bridget Jones’ Baby and Nanny McPhee, in which she was also shown.