Emma Stone is busy with dance rehearsals because she will be shown in a new video clip by Paul McCartney.


This was inadvertently made public by the interviewer on Monday during an interview, to which Stone participated. The conversation was about her experiences with fears that the actress had as a child and adolescent. The interview was led by Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz, chairman of The Child Mind Institute in New York.

Koplewicz told during the interview that he actually wanted to have lunch with Stone prior to the interview, but that she did not have time for that because of her busy schedule. Later he asked what she was doing at the moment, “except for a clip with Paul McCartney?” The actress said softly: “I believe you can not make that known yet”.


It is not known what McCartney song is about. The Beatle released two singles in June, I Do not Know and Come On to Me, after which his new album Egypt Station appeared in September. Stone was previously seen dancing in the film Lalaland, a role for which she won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe in 2017.