29-year-old actress Emma Roberts is currently expecting her first child, with boyfriend Garrett Hedlund (36). It was completely unexpected that she is only just starting to have children, she tells Cosmopolitan. 

“When I was sixteen, I thought, ‘When I turn 24, I’ll be married and have kids.’ And then suddenly I was 24 and I thought: ‘Remember when I said that I would already be married and have children?’, Laughs Julia Roberts’s niece in the interview. she attributes herself to her busy career. 

It was also not easy to conceive, she explains. A long time ago she was diagnosed with endometriosis. This is a gynecological condition in which cells of the endometrium also precede outside the uterus. The doctor advised her to freeze her eggs. “When I found that out, I was baffled,” says Emma. “It felt so permanent. Strangely, I also felt like I had done something wrong.” 

Keep secret

“It sounds corny, but the moment I stopped thinking about my fertility, we got pregnant,” Emma reveals. Still, she wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret for a long time, because so much could still go wrong. “So I kept it to myself and only told my family and partner. I didn’t want to make big plans in case it didn’t work out. This pregnancy made me realize that the only plan you can have is not a plan. ” 

Now she feels mostly hungry and tired. “But I am healthy, so I am very grateful for that. To see my body change – inside and out – it’s so wild. Surprising and beautiful. But on other days I feel like I was kidnapped by something. ”