26-year-old Emily Rataskovski, who became the heroine of the June issue of the magazine Marie Claire, in an interview with the publication told how the public reacted to the news of her marriage, why she thinks mass protests are stupid and what feminism means to her.

About marriage

After I got married, people began to make predictions about how long my marriage would last. They gave us three weeks. No one seriously takes women and their choices, especially if these women are specific to them and marry in a different way than usual (recall that Emily married Sebastian Bir-McClard three months after the start of their romance than shocked their admirers. “- Ed .).

About a career in Hollywood

I’ve always taken this very seriously. I have something to prove, and this has little to do with my acting abilities or external data. It was about taking me seriously, and I never took it lightly.

About feminism

We live in a patriarchal world where misogyny reigns. Women are seen through the prism of the male view. But if it suits them and makes them happy, should they feel guilty for it? I do not know the answer. Freedom of choice – that’s what feminism is. Do whatever you want!

About politics

I adhere to left-radical views and hoped that with the advent of Trump’s power, radicalization will begin. I saw many people in pink hats (thus, US citizens protested against the policy of Donald Trump – Ed .), Who published a photo in their Instagram and thought they had done something important for the world. But I think that this is not true. I struggle with the label “activist”, because in principle I struggle with what activism means in 2018 as a whole.