Emilia Clarke is best known for her role in ‘Game of Thrones’, but in addition to acting, the British has another passion: makeup. The 33-year-old is therefore an ambassador for Clinique and in a special video of the brand, the actress reveals all her secrets.

“This is key for clean skin without pimples”

Emilia speaks to her fans from London, where her home base is. “I’m looking forward to getting out of the lockdown, but I’m also a bit anxious,” she confesses at the beginning of the video. “I felt very comfortable in my own home.”

Normally, the actress does not wear layers of makeup and certainly not in recent months. Despite this, she has recently suffered from impurities, which she sheds on her hormones. Meanwhile, she regularly tries to wash her pillow (a source of bacteria!) And also cleans her face every morning and evening with not one, but two different cleansers. “This is key for clean skin without pimples,” said Emilia.

The  Me Before You star prefers a natural look in terms of make-up and always takes away a bit afterwards. According to Emilia, it is better to apply a little bit at a time, rather than a lot at once. “I’m so much on the set, so I always wear a lot of makeup. So when I do it myself, I don’t want to wear too much,” she explains.

Emilia also regularly says that she and her mother are busy with creams and powders. “She used to teach me, but now it is the other way around because I am constantly professionally made up.”