Actress Emilia Clarke about a meeting with Prince William: “I was very frightened”

Actress Emilia Clarke , the star of the “Games of Thrones,” described her first encounter with the monarch. Emilia Clark recently met with Prince William. And, as Emilia noted, she was slightly embarrassed during the meeting.

Emilia Clarke was the guest of the evening show with Seth Myers, where she told her impressions of the meeting with Prince William. The actress met with him at a charity evening, which was held in February 2018.

I was relaxed until I was told that Prince William was coming. Before that evening, I was warned that you should not go back to the heir to the throne with your back and for the first time you should address him as your royal highness, and only then you can call him a prince:Emilia Clark.

The actress was so worried that the meeting was not the same as she was imagined by Emilia:

I was very frightened, and for some reason, when he came, I could not pronounce the phrase “Your Royal Highness”. I said: “Va .. Va … Va ..”, and that’s all I was capable of.

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