The mother of the world-famous British singer Elton John (72) could not be enjoyed during the day in 2005 when the star entered into a registered partnership with his husband David Furnish. “She didn’t want to get out of the car and made false comments during the ceremony,” John writes in his biography Me, which will be released later this month. He calls his causative agent a sociopath: a woman with an antisocial personality disorder. 

In his biography, Elton John writes that he immediately wanted to enter into a registered partnership with his friend when it was announced at the end of 2005 that this would become legal in Great Britain. December 21 was the day. Elton and David held the ceremony in the Guildhall  (similar to a city or town hall, ed.) In Windsor. Earlier that year, the British crown prince Charles had married his second wife, Duchess Camilla, at the same location. It was also the second time for Elton John that he promised eternal loyalty. He was previously married to a woman. 

Later, in 2014, he also married his partner David, but in 2005 that was not yet legally possible. That is why they went for a recognized partnership that year. The couple opted for an intimate ceremony. The singer was concerned that a too large group of people would cause noise. In Northern Ireland there were protests against the LGBT partnership. 

“The police had taken precautions so that people who protested could not spoil our day,” the singer recalls in his book. “David had to reassure me that everything would run smoothly.” Fortunately, according to Elton, the British were less conservative than feared. “There was a festive mood. Nobody wanted to attack us, they even brought cake and presents. The fact that I could express my love for a man in a way that I could not have imagined when I realized I was gay made me never happier than at the time. ” At least, that was until Sheila, Elton’s mother, showed up. “She played the role of a crazy sociopath.”

In the book the singer describes that his mother did not want to get out of the car at first. She was repeatedly asked to come in, but she refused. “She then casually stated that she would not be traveling to Windsor and that she would not come to dinner. Then she and Derf (Elton’s stepfather, ed.) Simply drove away again. The incident caused gloomy feelings. “The most important day of my life was disturbed by my mother’s mood swings, the same mood swings I was so scared of as a child.” For those who think that Elton is exaggerating, the singer adds a bizarre fact to his story. “My mother didn’t want to talk to her sister for ten years after discussing whether Aunt Win had put skimmed milk in her tea or not.” It was certainly not an easy woman.

In the end the mother Reginald Kenneth Dwight (the real name of the singer, ed.) Was still present at the ceremony. After all, she was asked as a witness, but she did not take that role to heart. “When David and I were taking our vows, she started talking aloud about us. She kept complaining about the room and repeated again and again that she could never see herself getting married in such a building. 

A little later, when she had to put her signature among the documents as a witness, she allegedly called ‘it happened’, after which she immediately left the room. She also showed at the party that it was not to her liking. Sharon Osbourne, who was also present, would have told Elton John that she wanted to kill his mother with her own hands. The singer later discovered that his mother was like that because she did not agree with his choice to “marry” a man. At least, she had told David’s parents. “She had called them to stop us.”

However, according to Elton, that explanation was incorrect. “My mother was many things, but she was not homophobic. When I came out of the closet, she fully supported me. She even told the press that she didn’t care what my sexuality was and that she thought it was brave for me to come out. Why would she suddenly make a problem of my orientation 30 years later? ‘, The singer wonders. 

The artist has his own explanation for this. “She just couldn’t believe I had a closer relationship with someone else than with her,” he thinks. However, the woman did not make a scene during his first wedding in 2014. “Because she knew it would not be long. I was gay, so how could I stay true to a woman? She didn’t make a problem with my friends for David either because it wasn’t stable. But my relationship with David was for life. She couldn’t accept that ‘. 

Elton John’s mother died in 2017 at the age of 92.