Elton John

The singer-songwriter joins other stars like Chris Hemsworth, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and Pink.

Elton John has become the last big name to donate to the Australian forest fire relief fund, announcing that he promised $ 1 million Australian dollars US $ 687,850, during his concert in Sydney on Tuesday night (January 7).

According to a journalist who was at the concert of Qudos Bank Arena, the news of Elton was received by a cheer from the crowd.

Addressing the audience, Elton said: “Everyone should be amazed at the work that firefighters are doing. There are people who have lost their lives trying to save homes, there are people who have lost their lives and their homes. And finally, it is the plight of animals and the loss of their habitat that, frankly, is on a biblical and heartbreaking scale. Therefore, tonight I will be promising Au $ 1 million. ”

At least 25 people have died, six million hectares of land destroyed and thousands of people left homeless due to the intense forest fires that began in October (2019).

Elton’s donation comes after Chris Hemsworth donated $ 1 million to relief efforts, joining Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and Pink, among the other stars who made donations.