LOS ANGELES – This idea will delight all drivers living in Los Angeles. A company of Elon Musk , founder of SpaceX and Tesla, has applied for a license to dig a tunnel in Los Angeles to bypass the traffic jams of the dying Californian megacity, told AFP spokesman Tuesday.

The businessman born in South Africa has notoriously complained about traffic jams from his home in Bel-Air to his Hawthorne office next to the Los Angeles airport: a journey that can take more an hour and a half. His solution? A tunnel that would make this trip in minutes.

The ironically named Boring Company “has filed with the city of Los Angeles a request to dig a tunnel,” said Alex Comisar, spokesman for the second largest US city. The proposed route runs from the San Fernando Valley, east of Los Angeles, to the communities west of the city (Santa Monica, Venice, Hawthorne).

“The civil engineering office is currently studying the documents,” said Alex Comisar. The cars would take positions on platforms that would go underground and then haul the vehicle and its passengers at the other end of the city in a matter of minutes.
In August, the Boring Company had already obtained permission to dig a first tunnel segment at Hawthorne and Elon Musk had tweeted a photo of this sub-test in late Octobe.