An employee of the building where Amber Heard and Johnny Depp lived said the businessman and owner of Tesla had keys to the apartment.

Fingers continue to point to Elon Musk in the mess between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp , as the model’s alleged lover. According to the custodian of the building where the actors lived, the owner of Tesla was a frequent visitor and said he even had his own key.

“After making a few visits, Ms. Heard provided Mr. Musk with her own garage remote control and a key fob to Mr. Depp’s penthouse,” custodian Alejandro Romero stated, according to “Page Six.”

According to the report, millionaire businessman Elon Musk was a frequent visitor to the Los Angeles building where Johnny Depp lived with Amber Heard, as stated by an employee of the property.

“Romero saw for the first time the founder of Telsa, mockingly called ‘Mollusk’ by Depp, in March 2015,” reads the aforementioned newspaper.

However, the actress’s attorneys have previously said that the relationship between Amber and Elon began after she parted ways with Johnny Deep. “This action is frivolous, it is just the latest in Johnny Depp’s repeated efforts to silence Amber Heard,” Amber advocate Eric M. George said in a statement, according to El Pais.

For his part, the now-partner of the singer Grimes has denied on several occasions that he has had an affair with Amber. “I want to confirm again that Amber and I only started dating about a month after the filing of their divorce. I think I was never around Amber during her marriage!” The businessman told Page Six “last month.