For many years, Elon Musk has expressed his desire to explore and even colonize Mars, so now the billionaire has pointed out that SpaceX interplanetary spacecraft will have direct flights to the red planet and even made an estimate of what they could cost. 

Through his Twitter account, the also owner of Tesla said he is confident that a Mars trip could cost less than US $ 500,000, although that price depends a lot on the volume. 

And it is that this announcement surprised everyone, because for many years the company SpaceX had kept as an unknown the price of their possible trips to Mars, so that Musk himself answered this great doubt. 

Even the businessman said that the price could gradually go down to US $ 100,000, cheap enough that “most people in advanced economies can sell their house on Earth and move to Mars if they wish.”

Although the half a million dollars that it calculates that travel to Mars will cost initially could sound like a lot of money, it is not so much compared to the price of more than US $ 200,000 that it costs to live the experience of weightlessness on a Virgin Galactic flight .

Not only that, but also Musk said that, in addition to the price of the trip is not so fired, the return would be completely free, but for that to happen, first SpaceX needs to succeed as a business, because being an airline Space will not be such a simple task. 

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