The presenter introduced a new family member in the new edition of her show.

Ellen Degeneres shared the news about the replenishment in her family on Tuesday in her show The Ellen Show:

I want to tell you something wonderful. Sorry, I’m talking faster than usual because I’m excited. We saved the puppy! We took her from the Wagmore shelter. She is incredibly cute, I am constantly touched. She’s so tiny, she’s only three months old.

The chocolate-colored poodle puppy’s name is Mrs. Wallis Whitmore Browning, but Ellen and Porscha call her short – Wallis or Wally. Ellen said that Wally is aware of how cute she is, because every morning she looks at herself in the mirror. The host also repented to the audience that she was constantly taking pictures of the new pet:

Behind my back are only a few shots. Even more often I shoot it on video. I now need a separate phone for them, since the memory on mine has already run out and the phone is constantly discharging.

A little later on Instagram, Ellen published a photo of this puppy’s mom and wrote that she was also looking for a home. It is possible that after this post someone has already sheltered the dog.