A new gift box that you are offering on your show has aroused the annoyance of many of your fans and customers.

Ellen DeGeneres has again come under fire for content that includes a paint kit, headphones, and a collapsible mug.

The 62-year-old presenter, who released a $ 270 ‘Be Kind’ gift box months after the toxic workplace scandal, revealed the new product on her eponymous talk show, but customers and fans don’t seem to be impressed by the content they took to social media with complaints.

Ellen has come under fire for the quality of the gift box, which she was promoting after a toxic workplace scandal that swept her production earlier this year.

The renowned television presenter launched a new season of her gift box, which sells for US $ 54.99 per quarter and US $ 270 per year.

She took to Instagram to share a video of her showing off the box, which contains a paint kit, headphones, a collapsible cup and a gold ‘hope’ necklace, but her followers weren’t impressed.

One reacted by saying, “I never received my summer box, can’t I get someone to reply to my emails? I don’t even have an account for some reason, but I still have my bill. “

“The headphones in my box don’t work very well, very disappointed in the quality,” replied another.

A third said: “Can someone contact me? I sent seven emails and they don’t reply anything. They charged me twice for my premium box. Please contact me ”.

Previously, it was reported that employees at Ellen Digital Ventures, a digital extension of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that produces content for EllenTube, were laid off when WarnerMedia underwent a restructuring.