The Vision EQXX from Mercedes-Benz is a new concept car that can go a thousand kilometers on a single charge. And that’s not because of a bigger battery.


Driving from the Netherlands to the south of France on a single charge. That is what Mercedes-Benz is presenting with its new concept car Vision EQXX. A car that will not go into production, but whose ideas will end up in cars of the future.

The Vison EQXX does not reach the thousand kilometers by using an extra large battery, but by looking at how efficiently a car can handle a battery. According to the automaker, 95% of the power from the battery actually reaches the wheels. 

This efficiency is mainly due to how aerodynamic the car is. The car scores better than a football in that respect. 


Solar panels

The shape is inspired by nature and as little superfluous material as possible is used with the help of 3d printing. The light frame comes from F1 cars. 

Solar panels have been incorporated into the roof of the car, so that you can drive another 25 kilometers in perfect weather conditions.

Inside is a large, energy-efficient, futuristic 8K screen of 120 centimeters wide with 3D navigation.