Danny Boyle left the director’s chair of a new film about James Bond, but his professional activities are not going to stop. Now the director is working on a new picture about the legendary band Beatles, and one of the roles in it will be played by Ed Sheeran.

It is reported that Sheer will appear in the film, but not in the role of one of the Beatles, but in the role of himself. In this role, the musician has already appeared in other projects, for example, in the third part of Bridget Jones.

“The film was filmed at many of my concerts, so it was very busy for two months,” says Ed about his experience. Richard Curtis (“Real Love”, “Bridget Jones Diary”) is the scriptwriter of the project, and Himesh Patel (“Residents of the East End”) was chosen for the main role. The plot of the tape tells about a guy who wakes up one morning and turns out to be the only person who remembers the existence of the Beatles.