Singer Ed Sheeran has his first film role. He plays himself in a film by director Danny Boyle.


Earlier this week, Sheeran said in an interview that he wanted to play in a movie. At that moment he already knew that he would get a role in Boyle’s film, because the recordings have already been completed.

The singer calls this his first real film role, even though he already played in Game of Thrones. “That was different, where I had to come to the set for a day and then it was done, and now I have made days of twelve, like every actor.”


Although Sheeran is happy with his role, the recording was heavy. That happened during his tour. “After four days full of performances, I had to make three long days on the set, fortunately, I played myself and could not do so much wrong.”

The film is about a singer-songwriter who is the only one in the world who still knows The Beatles. Furthermore, everyone has forgotten the English band. He uses this to his advantage and is thus invited by Sheeran on his tour.