The Rock

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (49) is currently unloved. A number of transphobic tweets from his past have surfaced. That happened after he criticized his friend Joe Rogan (54) on his old podcast episodes in which he uses the word ‘nigger’. People think it’s hypocritical that Dwayne suddenly wants to act correctly.

“Talking about a double standard”

For example, in the tweets, which date from 2011, Dwayne writes that a woman uses “tranny tricks” to pass her education after criticizing him on the online platform. He also calls his then-rival John Cena ‘a bloated transvestite who looks like Wonder Woman’.

Caitlyn Jenner, among others, then lashes out at ‘The Rock’. “Talking about a double standard,” Caitlyn, who is herself transgender, writes on Twitter. “I love you, but come on. The cancel culture has to stop. Use your platform to connect.’

Other critics also mention Dwayne’s ‘hypocritical’ behavior. For example, several people sarcastically ‘thank’ him for the moment when he spoke out against the racist statements of Joe Rogan.