The Rock will play Black Adam, Shazam’s worst enemy.

It’s been some time since fans waited to see Dwayne Johnson perform Black Adam in the adaptation of Shazam, one of the next DC Comics movies. Last May, the actor had indicated that his entry would be quite surprising. ” We have a really cool surprise about Black Adam that I can not yet reveal. A surprise on where it will be built “, said Johnson in a live Facebook to Fandango.

According to The Wrap, the Warner Bros. think Suicide Squad 2 would be the perfect movie to introduce Shazam’s worst enemy. The American site relies on two familiar sources of the project. According to them, ” the members of the Suicide Squad will be responsible for tracking down a weapon of mass destruction.This weapon: Black Adam himself “. Johnson is expected to fight with Harley Quinn ( Margot Robbie ) and Deadshot ( Will Smith ) before facing Shazam, expected for 2019. Black Adam is a DC Comics character created in 1945 by Otto Binder and CC Beck. He is a sorcerer of ancient Egypt, corrupted after the murder of the prince whom he protected. To stop him, Shazam locked him in an amulet that will eventually be found at the end of the twentieth century.

Suicide Squad 2 will be directed by Gavin O’Connor and will be released in 2019.