Even toys don’t believe Johnson

Typically, movie stars have problems with fans who equate actors and their roles. Dwayne Johnson has the opposite situation: he cannot convince his two-year-old daughter Tia that the demigod Maui from the cartoon “Moana” speaks in his voice. The other day, he posted on Instagram a video where he sings to his daughter’s toys the song You’re Welcome, which was sung by Maui. The video is signed

Will there be that glorious day today when my little Tia will admit that her daddy is the same Maui from Moana? After she asked to “sing it to the dogs,” I have a good feeling! Fingers crossed for good luck … Eeeeee … Again, a firm “no”. Even the dogs think that this is nonsense.

In addition to Tia, Johnson has two more daughters. It is not known what Jasmine’s average four-year-old daughter thinks of Maui. And the eldest, Simon-Alexandra, is 19 years old. It is safe to say that it is no longer necessary to convince her.

Recently it became known that the Forbes edition for the second year in a row recognized Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the highest paid actor in Hollywood.