NEW YORK – Miley Cyrus can no longer play with Lars Ulrich. The drummer of Metallica was quite impressed by the performance of Miley during the benefit concert for Chris Cornell.

Miley ventured during the concert last week to Two Drink Minimum, a song by Cornell. Then she came on stage again to sing Say Hello 2 Heaven. That number is also from Cornell. He wrote it for his band Temple of the Dog.

After the concert, in which alongside Miley and Metallica also Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and Audioslave participated, Ulrich placed a photo of himself with Miley on Instagram. He praised the “inspiring performance” of the singer.

During the concert the band Soundgarden could also be seen. It was the first time since Cornell’s death that this band again acted. Cornell died in Detroit in May 2017 after having performed with Soundgarden in that city.