The American drama series The Royals will stop at E !. after the current fourth season. The channel announced on Thursday that it would not go any further with the show, the only drama series it still broad casted.


At the end of last year there was a stir around the series, when show runner Mark Schwahn was accused of misconduct by several cast and crew members of his previous series One Tree Hill . He was then fired at The Royals .

It is not known whether that incident is the basis of the decision of E! to stop the series now, which was shown for the first time at the station in 2015.

According to the American site Deadline , the production company behind The Royals, Lionsgate, tries to place the series elsewhere. The company thinks that, given the attention of Prince Harry’s wedding with the American actress Meghan Markle, there is still enough enthusiasm for more seasons of the royal series.

In The Royals , Elizabeth Hurley Helena plays Henstridge, the Queen of England, who, together with her relatives, enjoys the luxurious life of the royal family. The British actress has often emphasized in recent years that Helena is not based on the real British Queen Elizabeth.