The 33-year-old rapper is not left alone because of his interest in young ladies. Although they are adults.

Recently, Drake, who received fame as a lover of young beauties, was seen with a 23-year-old model, Imaan Hammam. Last week, they attended a show at New York Fashion Week together, and the next morning they saw Drake leaving Imaan’s house. After that, the singer was with the model at another fashion party, where he posed with her in an embrace, and later he and the Hammam were seen kissing in the Club Room Fleur.

The couple have not yet commented on their relationship. But curious fans noticed that Drake and Imaan are following each other on Instagram, and Drake regularly leaves hearts under the photos of the model.

Earlier, public suspicions were caused by Drake’s relationship with Billy Elish, who just turned 18. Recently, Billy said that she communicates with Drake by correspondence.

Drake is the cutest guy I had to talk to. True, we only corresponded, but he is still glorious. I mean, with its stellar status, it’s not necessary to be good, but he really is,

– noted the young star.

Eilish considers paranoia to be suspicious of Drake’s addiction for minors.

What the hell is happening on the Internet right now. All are so sensitive. An adult can no longer be a fan of a young artist? The web is full of personalities that are far more suspicious. You are afraid of Drake and the fact that he turned out to be my fan, but at the same time you vote for Trump. What kind of nonsense?

– said Ailish in defense of a friend.