PARIS – About fifty baboons of the zoological park of Paris escaped Friday from their enclosure for a few hours, but without “getting in touch” with the zones intended for the public, told the AFP the establishment, which decided ” as a precaution “to evacuate visitors.

The incident was spotted in the late morning by one of the healers, who saw that monkeys had joined the service corridor used by the staff of the zoo, said the management of this site of the National Museum of Natural History.

None of the healers have been in contact with the monkeys, says the zoo.

“Since then, the baboons have been repatriated to their pens, except for four of them who have been spotted in this service area and are recovering,” the zoo added.

“As a precaution,” the Zoo Vincennes proceeded to evacuate the public.

On November 24th, it was a tiger of 200 kg which had created the excitement in Paris. After escaping from a circus, located in the west of the French capital, the beast was shot by its owner.