Fans of Gordon (53) were waiting in vain on Tuesday evening for the first episode of his new program ‘Down the Road’. SBS6 appeared to have moved the program at the last minute. A spokesperson tells ‘the ANP’ that this has to do with ‘optimization of the broadcast schedule’.

“Wait a minute!”

‘A lot of people were ready for Down the Road , but this series has been moved to January 4 at 20.30 on SBS6! Just a little patience!’ Gordon wrote on Instagram late on Tuesday evening. The comments under the message show that not everyone was aware of the move. Many people indicate that they were ready earlier in the evening and sometimes also searched other channels for the program.

Down the Road is the Dutch version of the program of the same name from Belgium. In the Dutch series, Gordon takes a group of seven people with Down syndrome on a road trip through the Netherlands. “This road trip with this group of young people was an unforgettable adventure with beautiful and loving moments, but also moving and painful at times,” Gordon said about the program.


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