In the face of the full Congress, US President Donald Trump will decline Tuesday night his vision of a America “safe, strong and proud”, highlighting the health of the economy and the records of Wall Street.

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Donald Trump on Tuesday urged all Americans, including Republicans and Democrats, to “put aside their differences in search of common ground”

In his State of the Union address to Congress, the US president, seeking bipartisan support to enrich his legislative record, particularly on immigration and infrastructure, praised “the unit we need to get results. ”

The US president has asked Congress to support an investment plan of at least $ 1.5 trillion to develop infrastructure in the United States, one of his campaign promises: “We will build new, glittering roads, bridges, highways, railways and waterways across the country, “promised the president in his speech on the state of the union.

Donald Trump reiterated his desire to toughen immigration policy, saying that the overly porous borders of the United States had cost “many lives”.

“For decades, open borders have allowed drugs and gangs to hit our most vulnerable communities. They have allowed millions of low-paid workers to compete for jobs and wages with the poorest Americans. Even more tragically, they cost the loss of many innocent lives, “said the US president.

The “rival” countries of the United States “like China and Russia” threaten “our interests, our economy and our values,” said Donald Trump, saying that in the face of them “weakness is the surest way to conflict”.

To ensure the “power” of Washington, the US president asked Congress to vote the necessary credits for the US military, including to “modernize and rebuild our nuclear arsenal” to “make it so strong and powerful that it deter aggression “.

Donald Trump ordered the maintenance of Guantanamo Bay prison, marking a clear break with the repeated and ultimately unsuccessful attempts of his predecessor Barack Obama to close the controversial site.

“Today, I hold another promise” campaign, said the Republican in his first speech on the state of the Union in Washington. “I have just signed an order directing” Defense Minister Jim Mattis to “re-examine our military incarceration policy and keep Guantanamo Bay prison facilities open.”

The US president said his country stood “alongside the Iranian people in its courageous struggle for freedom” in an allusion to recent protests in Iran.

“When the Iranian people rose up against the crimes of their corrupt dictatorship, I did not remain silent,” Trump said, while calling on “Congress to resolve the fundamental problems of the disastrous Iran nuclear deal” that he does not stop criticizing.

Donald Trump warned against “complacency and concessions” to the North Korean nuclear threat, promising “not to repeat the mistakes of previous administrations that put us in this very dangerous situation.”

“North Korea’s dangerous quest for nuclear missiles could very soon threaten our territory. We are running a maximum pressure campaign to prevent this from happening, “said the US president.