U.S. President Donald Trump delivers remarks regarding the Administration's National Security Strategy at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington D.C., U.S. December 18, 2017. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

“I’m not smart, I’m a genius, a mentally stable genius.” That’s reassuring.

UNITED STATES – The release this Friday, January 5th of the book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” , which plunges behind the scenes of the White House, was in all minds across the Atlantic . Including that of the American president who does not derogate from the very little glorious portrait that is painted of him on 336 pages.

Through numerous, mostly anonymous testimonies, Michael Wolff describes a Donald Trump who is allergic to reading , locked up in his room at 6:30 pm, eyes fixed on his three television screens, multiplying the calls to a small group of friends on whom he pours out “a flood of recriminations”, ranging from the dishonesty of the media to the lack of loyalty of his team.

The journalist, a regular contributor to The Hollywood Reporter and USA Today, also raises concerns about the president’s mental health and his ability to make important decisions, issues that surfaced during the presidential campaign. According to the author, the New York billionaire’s entourage questions his ability to govern.

“They say he’s like a kid, what they mean is that he needs to be immediately satisfied, everything revolves around him,” says Michael Wolff. “He goes everywhere,” he says, giving as an example the fact that Trump repeats the same stories “three times in ten minutes”, a trend also observed in his public interventions.

Critics that 71-year-old Donald Trump had already heard from Hillary Clinton and his Republican opponents during the primaries, and he apparently does not support anymore. This Saturday, January 6, he launched into a series of tweets to defend against any disability and boast of his “genius”.


“Now that after a year of intensive investigation, it has been proved that these stories of collusion with Russia are a hoax, the Democrats and their doggies, which are the big media of the Fake News, play it at the Reagan and scream. the lack of mental stability and intelligence, “said Donald Trump although the FBI is far from having concluded its investigation of Russia.


“In fact, throughout my life, my two greatest qualities have been my mental stability and being, kind, very intelligent.” Hillary Clinton, the Crapule, also came out with these arguments and, as everyone knows, has severely lost, “continues the real estate mogul employing a sentence twist largely mocked on social networks as straight out of a teenager’s mouth.


“I went from a REALLY brilliant businessman, to one of the biggest TV stars, to the US President (first time), and I think we can call it not clever, but genius and a very mentally stable genius! “concludes Trump.

The same Trump who boasted, during an interview broadcast on July 17, 2016, to be “humble, much more humble than you could understand” (see below) …