The President of the United States gave an exclusive interview, which was immediately taken away for quotes.

As part of his three-day official visit to the UK, Donald Trump agreed to an interview – but only one. Lucky Pierce Morgan (the one who was offended by Megan Markle ) and his program Good Morning Britain. Having met at the Museum of Churchill War Rooms, Donald and Pierce talked for 33 minutes, having had time to discuss several important and sensitive topics. In addition to politics, Pierce got the president to answer questions about his relationship with the royal family.

Note, now everyone is discussing the strained “relationship” between Donald and Megan Markle: back in 2016 during the presidential elections, the actress did not support Donald, moreover, she spoke with active criticism of his actions and policies. In an interview with The Nightly Show, Megan called Trump a woman-hater and a man who is destroying society. She even promised that if Donald won, she would not return to her home states, but would live in Canada, where the Force Majeure series was being filmed at that time. “I didn’t think she’s one of these mean ones,” Trump said in a recent interview with The Sun. But as it turned out, Donald was not going to be rude to the Duchess of Sussex. He meant something completely different, which he told Pierce about.

Journalists then gave me her words, which, however, were recorded on camera. And I answered: “Well, I did not know that she was evil.” I did not mean her character trait, I just said that I did not know that she was malicious with me. And it is true. And in fact, she has that right. But this does not mean that I treat her the same way in response – quite the opposite. You know, she does an excellent job, I hope she enjoys her new life … I think she is really very nice.

Megan Markle, as you know, did not accompany Prince Harry to a reception at Buckingham Palace on Monday, where the President and his family were the main guests. In general, she was not supposed to be there, as she is currently on maternity leave, but the media began to write that it was done on purpose. Moreover, Harry himself allegedly avoided contact with Trump the whole evening, preferring to communicate only with his daughter Ivanka. Donald Trump commented on these rumors:

No, no, just the opposite. He spoke with Ivanka and my family for a long time. I went, he was very nice. Very nice I think he’s a great guy. I congratulated him and told him that he was amazing. In general, the whole royal family is very sweet.

This response from Donald did not suit Pierce much, and he asked the question directly: “Oh, come on, didn’t he say to you:“ Do you really think my wife is evil? ”

We did not talk about it … Although I would not mind, because in this situation a lot of lies.