The President of the United States was to inaugurate in February the new American Embassy in London. He canceled his visit, judging a “bad deal” of the Obama administration.

US President Donald Trump has canceled his visit to London, scheduled for next February for the inauguration of the new US Embassy in London.

He justified his decision on Twitter this Friday morning. The President does not approve of the move of the former embassy, which he considered one of the best in London, and believes that the Obama administration (that of GW Bush actually) sold it for “peanuts” “. He estimates that this move to Nine Elms, south of London, for $ 1.2 billion, is a “bad deal”.


Poor reception

Beyond the character aspect of this decision, it is highly likely that the US President has especially wanted to avoid a very bad reception in the British capital.

Labor MPs welcomed the news, like Steve Reed, “delighted that Trump does not bring his racist and misogynistic views.” Labor leader Ed Miliband responded to Donald Trump on Twitter, saying the reason for his cancellation was “because nobody wanted [his] coming”.

Relations between Premier Theresa May and Donald Trump are also at the coldest. The English conservative had, however, been the first among the heads of state to go to the White House. And after her stay at the White House, she had invited the American president to do the same in return. In February, the trip is scheduled for June 2017.