Expected for autumn 2019, Disney’s future video streaming service is starting to draw its content.

The US media Deadline obviously has something in common with a famous Disney character: he has big ears. Indeed, the site today unveils first information on the content that should offer the future streaming video service that will launch Disney in the fall of 2019. Moreover, this date should concern only the United States, since the deployment in the rest of the world should be done later.

Original content therefore, but wise

First of all, it was announced that the still unknown price platform would not offer any Rated-R content in order to be completely public. To find movies and series mature at Disney, it will therefore fall back on his other streaming service, Hulu. Then, the Marvel series already proposed elsewhere ( DaredevilJessica Jones … etc.) should (at least for the moment) stay where they are. Good news for Netflix and its users, but Deadline does not mention the case of others, like Agents of SHIELD on ABC for example.

Already post-production films ready for Disney

Finally, Disney’s plan would be to offer 4 to 5 original films and 5 original TV series on its service during the first year. The American media has heard wind High School Musical series , Marvel (live-action), Monsters Inc. (animated) and an indefinite Star Wars work . For the films, Deadline mentions the following film projects: Don Quixote , The Beautiful and the Tramp , The Paper Magician , Stargirl , Togo , Magic Camp (currently in post-production), Noelle (currently also in post-production), 3 Men and a Baby,Sword and the Stone (a movie Merlin the Enchanter with Ridley Scott) and Timmy Failure . The fate of 21st Century Fox’s content has not been released yet.