Eva Longoria will take on the role of mother in the new live action film Dora the Explorer, which is due to appear in the summer next year.


The film is made in response to the enormous popularity of the cartoon series, which has been on display at Nickelodeon since 2000.

Dora is a seven-year-old latina who is accompanied by her talking backpack and the little monkey Boots, with whom she experiences all kinds of adventures. In the film Dora is portrayed as a teenager who moves to the city and struggles with daily problems.

Longoria gave birth to her first child on June 19. “The idea that I will have to go back to work later, my stomach is already turning around and I do not want to think about it now, because I miss him when he sleeps for a few hours”, says the actress about her son Santiago.

The Desperate Housewives actress will pick up her work again in a few weeks, when she will produce the new drama series Grand Hotel.