Kylie was asked to tag not only the major designers whose clothes she wears, but also the lesser known ones on the social network.

The other day, Kylie Jenner celebrated her 23rd birthday, on the occasion of which she tried on a Balmain dress, created by the creative director of the house, Olivier Rousteing. Kylie posted a photo of her outfit

Thank you beloved Olivier Rousteing for the perfect birthday dress,

– she signed the frame and added a link to the brand page.

One of Kylie’s followers, designer Michael Costello, noticed that Jenner only mentions big brands in the photos, and bypasses lesser-known brands. He pointed this out to Kylie by writing:

Thank you Olivier for the perfect birthday dress. And thanks to unknown designers who work tirelessly around the clock, creating individual looks that Kylie doesn’t even mention. Unless paid for. This post has nothing to do with me, as Kylie only wears things from me once a year, and if I’m lucky, she takes a photo and tags me. No complaints about Kylie’s fashion team, if anything. But it’s a shame that designers work so hard to dress these beautiful popular women, and they only celebrate big designers like Olivier and forget about others.

Last month, Kylie got into a worse situation: she did not mark the brand, the outfit of which she tried on, and the brand belongs to black people.

Earlier, Kendall and Kylie Jenner were accused of exploiting female workers in Bangladesh who sew clothes for their joint brand Kendall + Kylie. Users and activists have accused them of allegedly not paying workers’ wages. But the accusations turned out to be false.