The famous Hollywood actress Demi Moore was famous for not appearing in public and in public places without make-up. However, some time ago, fans criticized the celebrity for the lack of cosmetics after a new photo of the artist appeared on the Internet.
Recently, a new snapshot of Demi Moore appeared on the Internet. Photos made paparazzi, which captured the actress, when she came out of the gym. At that moment, the celebrity was wearing an ordinary sweater, on which a snake was pictured in front, and complemented by an image of straight, spacious jeans and black shoes. However, it was not the appearance that attracted the attention of fans, but the fact that the actress’s face did not have a single drop of make-up. Fans have noticed that Demi Moore is much older, looks older than her years.
Most fans did not immediately recognize the celebrity, and afterward advised her that she never again appear in public without make-up. However, there were also such faithful fans who began to protect the actress, saying that she looks beautiful in her natural beauty. Note that the celebrity herself prefers minimal make-up and even shares with the fans some secrets of preserving youth.