55-year-old actress Demi Moore first opened a page on the social network Instagram

Not so long ago, an Instagram account was opened by actress Julia Roberts, although she denied the social network for a long time. By the way, Demi Moor I decided to follow the example of my colleague and also created my account in the network. The actress published her first post a couple of days ago, she collected almost 55 thousand subscribers.

Moore shared a video shot immediately after the wedding of Princess Eugene and Jack Brooksbank. The video is dedicated to the side of the actress, in which she shone at the festival.

Stella McCartney, this is for you! I just got back from the wedding and have to thank you so much. Philip Tracy, you are a genius. This hat! And look at my incredible shoes: they are so sexy. Thank you thank you thank you! Yes, I forgot my handbag! My domini bag. Thank you, thank you!

speaks on a celebrity video.

Note that the daughters of the actress immediately reacted to the first message of the stellar mother. They delightedly congratulated Demi Moore on the social network, adding that they are proud of her.