Singer Demi Lovato, as a seven-year-old girl, had a fascination with death and was suicidal for the first time at that age. 


This revealed the singer to Dr. Phil.

“When I was seven, I already knew that if I put an end to my life, the pain would end.”

The 25-year-old Lovato continues: “This thought came back when I was bullied and came back a few times later when I was struggling with depression and my bipolar disorder”. The singer also tells about the period in which she cut herself, to the point that her mother feared for her life.

Ze eindigde met bemoedigende woorden voor haar lotgenoten: “Als je erover denkt om zelfmoord te plegen, praat erover met mensen, isoleer jezelf niet. Iedereen op deze planeet is het waard om te leven.”


Lovato has been working for mental health education for years and has spoken openly about her bipolarity several times.

Six years ago the singer was treated in a rehab clinic. Since then she has been living an alcohol- and drug-free life and has turned to programs such as Anonymous Alcoholics. She is also one of the owners of rehab clinic Cast Centers in Los Angeles.