Demi Lovato (27) knows what her priorities are. In the radio program ‘New Music Daily with Zane Lowe’ she said that family is becoming increasingly important to her, and that success and fame can actually be stolen from her. 

“When I think about what my future will look like in the next ten years, I think I would like to start a family in the coming decade,” admits Demi Lovato in the interview. “That would be really great.” The singer therefore attaches less and less importance to her career: “This is all great and beautiful, and I am lucky and blessed. And grateful. But I learned that if this all made you happy, I would not have ended there. ”With that, Demi referred to her overdose from 2018, which was almost fatal. “My success is not … a measure of my happiness. And when I think about what makes me happy today, I think about my family. I think of my friends. I’m thinking about my team. I think of the people who … connections. Relationships that mean something. ”

At the moment Demi Lovato is single, after a recent relationship with model Austin Wilson. She doesn’t know who she will eventually start that family with. “I don’t know what it will look like,” she admits. “I don’t even know if I see myself with a man or a woman, but I only know that I will see it happen in the coming decade. And if it doesn’t happen now, then maybe the next ten years. We’ll see. But I would love to do more things that make me happy, and less worrying about success. ” or “I want this” or “I want that.” A number one here or a number one there. And that is all great if you succeed. But I know it can’t fill that gap inside. Only love and appreciation and gratitude can do that. ”

On Sunday, Demi will perform at the Grammy Awards with her new single ‘Anyone’.